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Pecorino Pinot Grigio, Italy

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Pecorino Pinot Grigio, Italy

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RELEASE DATE: JANUARY 2020 PECORINO- ABRUZZO, ITALY PINOT GRIGIO- VENETO, ITALY The Pecorino grapes are sourced from Abruzzo, Italy which is a mountainous region located along the Adriatic Sea. It is also home to the highest point on mainland Italy, Corno Grande. Veneto is located in northeast Italy and is the source region for the Pinot Grigio. The Influence of the nearby Alps provides a cooler microclimate where fresh, crisp white wines flourish. PECORINO PINOT GRIGIO Pinot Grigio was originally established as Pinot Gris in Burgundy and although most famous in Alsace, France, made its way to Switzerland in the 1300s and eventually to Northern Italy where Pinot Grigio was born. Today it is Italy’s most popular grape. Pecorino has a bit of a different history; thought to be extinct in the mid 20th century, it was rediscovered in the 1980s by a local producer who then took cuttings and propagated them resulting in this grape’s resurgence. Blending Pinot Grigio, the most popular Italian white wine grape, with the lesser known Pecorino grape results in a delicate white wine with high acidity, lemon, lime, and honeysuckle flavours, and an elegant floral aroma. Pair with steamed mussels, seafood risotto, and vegetarian spring rolls
Alcohol: 12.5*
*Alcohol level based on following Winexpert winemaking instructions.

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