Here at De Vine Water (A Division of De Vine Vintners) we can offer you Healthy Drinking Water in two different ways. First, we have an in-house dispensing system here at the store, in which you can fill your water containers. Second we can offer you Alkaline Mineral Water Systems for your homes.

Some of the benefits of Alkaline Mineral Water are:

  • Assists the body with removing toxins
  • Helps reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
  • Promotes good health
  • Contributes to daily mineral intake
  • Faster Hydration of the Body


We are half the price of our Competition. We also carry the highest quality water containers you can get, and can offer you both glass or BPA free plastic containers. Our caps are of also the highest quality and are free with the fill ups. They seal with rubber and not Styrofoam like many other places. We also offer rinsing and sanitizing of your containers at no charge if you so desire.


Our home dispensing systems are manufactured by MineralPro Mfg Ltd., a Canadian Company. These are all self servicing systems which mean you don’t have to pay for service calls. We stock all of the filters so you can change them yourself if you want. We can offer this service for you if you wish, but it is certainly something most people are capable of doing themselves. To see all the benefits, pictures and write-ups visit their website MineralPro Mfg Ltd.

MineralPRO™ – Mineral Alkaline Water Filter Systems

MineralPRO™ Mineral Alkaline Drinking Water Filter Systems remove the highest level of contaminants to ensure the water is safe and clean, the water is then replenished with healthy natural minerals, the pH is balanced to a healthy alkaline level, and finally the water undergoes polishing to ensure its great taste and spring water quality.

MineralPRO™ provides the healthiest and best tasting drinking water alternatives to the unsafe quality of drinking water from tap and bottle sources for homes, businesses, and recreation.

There have been literally thousands of articles written and published on the benefits of drinking Alkaline Mineral Water. Some of the benefits published are… promoting at strong immune system; assists with weight loss; reducing bone degeneration; reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer and other diseases; rejuvinating skin; and helping with anti-aging.

Along with the Water Filtration Systems, we carry Oasis Bottle-Less coolers. This is the “green” alternative to using the 3 or 5 gallon water bottles. These coolers hook up to any of the MineralPRO™ Drinking water filtration systems. There are 3 to choose from and they are all stainless steel. We have a countertop model for the home or business that does not have the floor space, and two floor models; one “high” end model with all the whistles and bells and one that is not quite so elaborate. Come by to check them out.

Authorized Retailer of mineralPRO Mfg. Ltd.