Double Noir

Double Noir

***Available December 2020***

Gamay Noir and Pinot Noir are the perfect pair - both varietals feature high natural acidity and low tannins making this an extremely food-friendly wine. Cherry and cranberry on the nose with a subtle floral note. Strawberry and cherry flavors are accented by an undertone of savory spice. Vibrant and versatile with freshness and finesse. Try chilling Double Noir an hour before serving.


About the blend and regions:
Pinot Noir - Marlborough, New Zealand
Gamay Noir - Lodi, California
Marlborough garners much acclaim for its cool climate Pinot Noirs. The region enjoys plenty of sunshine and the moderate temperatures see a strong swing between day and night, fostering strong varietal expression. Lodi also sees big temperature swings from day to night, which helps Gamay retain its characteristic acidity. 


Signature food pairing: Pulled apart ham and gruyere loaf
Crusty bread, oozing with cheese and salty ham, what more is there to say? If you don't bake your own bread, this is a good time to start, but a purchased loaf is a totally acceptable cheat too! The recipe and instructional pdf can be found here.


Additional food pairing suggestions:
Charcuterie, mushroom pizza, barbecue, honey glazed duck breast, marinated pork ribs, brie with cranberry or raspberry sauce, strawberries, spanakopita.



  • BODY


  • OAK

    Light Oak




    22 L


    8 Weeks


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