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MINERAL PRO Alkaline Mineral Water

Authorized Dealer of Mineral PRO   -  A Division of De Vine Vintners




At De Vine Water (a division of De Vine Vintners) we offer you not only wine and wine making supplies, but also healthy drinking water from our two convenient water dispensers. We have an in-house dispensing system inside the store, as well as a dispenser outside the store where you can refill your containers 24 hours a day.  Moreover, we have Alkaline Mineral Water Systems that can be installed in your home. We offer competitive prices while also carrying the highest quality water containers. We use glass or BPA-free plastic containers, and rubber-sealed caps which are free with refills. Rinsing and sanitizing containers is complimentary.


Benefits of Alkaline Mineral Water:

  • Assists the body in removing toxins

  • Reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease

  • Promotes good health

  • Contributes to daily mineral intake

  • Faster hydration of the body


How do we purify our water?

  • We start with water from our local water system.

  • Harmful contaminants are removed through a Reverse Osmosis water filter system.

  •  The water is then pH balanced to an Alkaline level to maintain optimum health in the body.

  • The water is Re-Mineralized to ensure healthy minerals are present in the water,
    as nature intended.

  • The water then passes through an UltraViolet chamber where any bacteria that may be present is removed.


  • $1.00 for 1 gallon fill-up (3.78L) 

  • $3.00 for 3 gallon fill-up (11.36L)

  • $5.00 for 5 gallon fill-up (18.90L)


How to clean your containers:

  • Add 1/2 tsp of bleach to 1 gal water

  • Swish water & let stand 5 minutes

  • Rinse thoroughly

  • Air dry and seal


If you're going to drink water, Why not drink Healthy?

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