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January 2021 Newsletter

News & Updates Happy new year, from everyone at De Vine Vintners! Goodbye 2020 and hello to to 2021! We hope you had a great holiday season and now is the perfect time to order your next batch of wine! Why not try something new for 2021? We have tons of selection, let us help you find the perfect wine for a new year! Cheers! Janice and Jason Mace

Save 10% on these wine kits in January!

Winexpert Classic Winexpert Classic
Moscato, California Tempranillo, Spain
Winexpert Reserve Winexpert Rerserve

Chardonnay, Australia Cabernet Shiraz, Australia


Make a new years resolution you'll stick to! Check out these 5 Wine Resolutions you'll love for 2021!


LE20 Torrontes Muscat has arrived! If you've pre-ordered give us a call to start brewing!


Druken Mussels Recipe Is there anythin more delicious than seafood and wine?! We think not! Try this amazing recipe for Drunken Mussels - try using Winexpert Yakima Valley Washington Pinot Gris!


Drunken Mussels Recipe

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