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July 2021 Newsletter

The summer is definitely upon us....and so is patio season! Nothing goes together better with sun and warm temperatures than wine! Whether its chilled, spritzed or a wine cocktail, our WinExpert kits are the perfect choice for beating the heat.

Just a reminder that we will be closed Saturdays throughout July and August (with the exception of July 24), so make sure to book ahead for your bottling ties!

We wish you a safe and happy summer. Remember to Keep Calm and Drink Wine!

Janice & Jason



Winexpert Classic™

Valroza, Sauvignon Blanc,

Italy Chile

Winexpert Reserve™

Shiraz, Chardonnay,

Australia Australia

Due to a juice shortage, we are unable to source New Zealand Pinot Noir. Late frosts caused significant damage in vineyards across the country, resulting in a significantly smaller harvest this year. Small vintages and supply shortages can often affect subsequent years, and we anticipate this shortage will also impact our ability to source juice next year. As a result, Winexpert Private Reserve™ New Zealand Pinot Noir will be discontinued upon depletion of stock. We expect to be out of stock in both warehouses by the end of July. We are working to secure juice from another premium region, and we expect to introduce a new ultra-premium Pinot Noir in the spring of 2022. The Pinot Noir profile is unique within the Private Reserve product line, therefore we recommend Winexpert Reserve™ Chile Pinot Noir as a replacement in the interim.

Whether you're on vacation, having a weekend staycation, or just want to treat yourself, wine cocktails are a fantastic way to celebrate summer. With so many wonderful fruits in season practically begging to be mixed into a tasty beverage, it's the perfect time to grab some wine, hit the farmers' market, and invite friends over for an evening of relaxing out in the backyard. The key to successfully crafting summertime refreshers is simple. Stick to thirst-quenching drinks, fresh ingredients, and tasty combinations and every cocktail you create will be a winner.

Sensational Spritzers

Sometimes keeping it light and bright is best. A wine spritzer, which uses wine, soda water, and a piece of fruit to garnish, is a great way to sip on wine throughout the day without getting too tipsy. If a spritzer is too light on the booze for your tastes, adding a touch of vermouth or an orange liqueur is a nice way to not only make a more complex, flavorful drink but also amp up the alcohol content without going overboard. We love a dry rosé or crisp, citrusy Sauvignon Blanc for spritzers. A garnish of fresh herbs like thyme, rosemary or lemon verbena, adds a nice touch and an added layer of flavor.

Check out a few of our favorites:

Summery Sangria

Sangria is the ultimate wine cocktail if you're planning on having a few friends over for a barbecue, garden party, or just because. An all-around crowd-pleaser, it's a great way to make the most of all the gorgeous summer fruits in season. Sangria is a cinch to make, made even easier due to the fact you make it the night before your bash. Just pour your bottle of wine into a large container, add your fruit of choice, some sugar, mix and let it stand overnight in the fridge. When you're ready to serve it the next day, pour your sangria over ice and top it up with soda water or a bit of pop to add some fizz to the mix.

As far as which wines to use, opt for fruity, unoaked, relatively inexpensive wines. Other than that it's entirely up to you! White, red, rose, still, sparkling – customize your sangria to suit your palate. Some of our favorite summery sangria picks:

Stone Fruit Sangria – use Riesling as a base. This is a great opportunity to break out an off-dry (i.e. slightly sweet) style.

Watermelon Sangria – rosé all the way!

Berry Sangria – a fruity Spanish wine like Garnacha is perfect.

If you don't have work the next day you can also spike it with your favorite spirit. Your biggest problem with making sangria? Running out!

Wine Punches

Similar to a sangria, you can also make a punch using wine, a spirit like vodka, tequila or bourbon, if you're going for a richer flavor, and fresh fruits. Served over ice, it's another easy-to-make drink that's perfect for a crowd. the only obstacle is your imagination!

Vodka Lemonade - 1oz Lemonade, 1oz Vodka, 2-3 oz Cabernet Sauvignon

Ruby Red Splash - 1oz dry gin, 1oz Ruby Red grapefruit juice, 1/2oz Campari, 2-3oz chilled dry rosé, club soda

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