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May 2020 Newsletter

News & Updates 

Hello May! And what crazy times we're living in! We want to remind our customers we are open and accepting orders. We are following the proper procedures according to the BC Health Minsters, allowing one bottler an hour for social distancing and sanitization. The health and safety of our customers is top priority. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please feel free to contact us anytime, we're here for you. 

Janice & Jason Mace 

Owners De VineVintners

Winner Announcement 

Congratulations to our winner! 

Thank you to everyone who voted for our new logo! 

Congratulations to Jacquelyn Brown - Winner of the Pink Pinot Grigio kit! 

Check out our new logo on our brand new website! It's never been easier to find your perfect wine! 

Wine Wisdom

Super Tuscan Red Wine is not only delicious to drink, but it's fantastic to cook with! Here are few tips for cooking with wine. 1. Always pour yourself a glass first.  This tip needs no explanation.  2. Only use wine that you would actually drink. If you use wine that you don't like the taste of in a wine sauce, chances are you won't love the sauce either. Make sure to use wine that you would actually drink when cooking with it – tip number one comes in handy for the tasting.  3. Choose a wine that would generally pair well with your meal. For example, The Private Reserve Super Tuscan goes well with big, bold meat flavours, so adding it to a recipe for Braised Beef makes lots of sense. 4. Don't be fooled by so-called "cooking wines." Most cooking wines are of low quality and because you would not want to drink them, you should not cook with them.

Features of the Month

Rich aromas of dark fruit and spice with layers of cherry, plum, mocha, dried fruit flavours, warm oak and a firm lingering finish. From box to bottle in 9 weeks. 

A fantastic dry summer wine! Hints of strawberry and raspberry with crisp acidity. From box to bottle in just 6 weeks. 

Loaded with ripe red cherry, blackberry and juicy plum, complemented with vanilla and spice notes. Rich and smooth with velvety tannins. From box to bottle in just 9 weeks. 

Upcoming Events 

Don't miss the blowout sale! All Vintners Reserve, World Vineyard and Selection kits on sale for 20% off, only applies to what we have on the shelf and will remain on sale until all are sold.

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