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May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022

May Wine

This month, we thought we would introduce you to May Wine. May Wine is an old, traditional beverage that originated in Germany and is consumed throughout Europe. Infusing white wine with Sweet Woodruff gives an herbal flavor with green notes that are refreshing and pleasant. Often served on May Day and at spring and early-summer weddings, this beverage is perfect for sharing with friends and family during dinner parties, backyard barbeques, picnics, and at other get-togethers. May Wine was historically brewed during the May and June months when Sweet Woodruff is in flower, but there is no need to restrict consumption to these months. This light and refreshing herbal infused beverage is a perfect treat that can be enjoyed throughout the year!

Not only does May Wine taste delectable, but Sweet Woodruff has a long history of herbal and medicinal use. It has been used throughout the ages to treat ailments including liver problems and jaundice. During the Middle Ages, Sweet Woodruff was widely applied as a poultice for wounds and cuts and taken internally for digestive and liver problems. In modern day herbalism, infusions of Sweet Woodruff are used for diuretic and to ease stomach aches.

See the recipe at the end of the newsletter!

Janice & Jason

**We will be closed May 21-23 and will return on May 24!

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- AVAILABLE MAY 2, 2022 -


Everyone's summer favourite is back this year with a brand new look! Consumers have been clamoring for Pink Moscato - expect this limited release to fly off the shelf.

- AVAILABLE MAY 2, 2022 - Winexpert Island MistFiesta Lime

Get ready to welcome this new addition to the Island Mist line up. New Fiesta Lime has the same residual sugar as the rest of the Island Mist product line, but the freshly squeezed lime flavour with lime zest and botanical notes makes this refreshing new mist taste less sweet, more tart.

- AVAILABLE MAY 16, 2022 -

Adelaide Hills has a reputation for premium wines and has set the benchmark for Sauvignon Blanc in Australia. The cool climate is the perfect setting for growing Sauvignon Blanc with defined acidity and strong varietal character.

Vibrant and aromatic with generous flavours of passionfruit, tropical fruit and citrus, with notes of melon and herb. Juicy and crisp with refreshing acidity.


Hurricane Flavours of dark rum, orange, lime and Passion Fruit.

Miami Vice A tropical paradise of strawberry, pineapple, lime and coconut.



Oregon is internationally renowned for its Pinot Noir and Willamette Valley in particular is proving itself to be the epicenter of Pinot Noir in the U.S. Fresh red fruit flavours of strawberry, raspberry, and red cherry with notes of baking spice, earth, and smoke. Supple and smooth, with bright acidity.



Albariño, Spain - This medium bodied white wine boasts a fruity palate of orchard fruit flavours, vibrant grapefruit and lime, complemented with subtle floral undertones. Fresh and zesty.

Mataro Shiraz, Australia - A full bodied red wine with rich flavours of blackberry, plum, and black currant underscored with notes of chocolate and savoury nuances of dried herbs, pepper, and light smoke.


Winexpert Classic™

Winexpert Reserve™

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May Wine


  • 1 bottle white wine

  • 1 bottle sparkling wine or champagne

  • ½ cup dried organic Sweet Woodruff (Galium odoratum). This can also be substituted with Angelica, Bay, Sage or Rosemary

  • ½ cup organic strawberries, sliced or whole

Combine dried Sweet Woodruff with the bottle of white wine, cover tightly, and place in a refrigerator. Allow to steep overnight. Fresh Sweet Woodruff may be used, but dried is preferable because the flavor and aroma increase when the herb has dried. Before serving, strain out the Sweet Woodruff and pour the infused wine into a punch bowl, carafe, or other glass or ceramic serving vessel. Add the bottle of chilled sparkling wine or champagne and garnish with strawberries. Feel free to further beautify the beverage with fresh Sweet Woodruff or edible and herbal delights from your garden. Fresh Violets, Rose petals, Lemon Balm, or sprigs of Lavender are especially captivating and delicious! Serve in wine glasses or champagne flutes. Ice may be added if desired.


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